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About Ginny

What Can Herbal Medicine Be Used For?


Immune System Strengthening

Stress Management

Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Anxiety & Depression


Menopause & PMS



My Story


I am a Clinical Herbalist practicing in Southern Maine. With a nursing background and a lifetime of exploring in nature, I've brought my passion for wellness to my own practice. 

I meet with clients to assess their health. Most clients come to me with the goal of simply feeling better; whether general fatigue or a chronic condition, my clients are motivated to take action on their health. We work together to create a custom plan of herbal treatment in addition to nutritional and lifestyle changes. These herbs can include teas, extracts, topical products and syrups. My goal for each client is to create a plan that will support their total health.

I teach classes introducing children to local plants and how they can be used for healing. I also host more specific workshops for adults.

I am a member of the American Herbalist Guild and have apprenticed and studied extensively at Greenwood Herbals in Limerick, Maine. 

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